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Corporate Customers of Zonta Technologies
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NSN Chennai
NSN Noida
Ericsson Hyderabad
Prithvi Hyderabad
GTL, Hyderabad
ALUC, Gurgaon
ALUC, GDS, Bangalore
ALUC, Chennai
Ericsson, GNOC, Noida
CEPRO, Chennai
Indigenius, Hyderabad
Team Embeded, Hyderabad
Zonta Technologies, Kenya
Elynx Solutions, Kampala, Uganda
Avion Systems, Gurgaon
Verticals Domains Incubation Center Case studies Partners
Network audits
Managed services
Performance management
Network planning & Optimization
Dash boards & Analytics
Wireless - GSM/CDMA - 2G/3G N/ws
Fixed line -DSL/Broadband/Internet
Data Networks – MPLS/Ethernet

RF Networks- Designing & Optimization
Access and Core networks
Transmission Networks- Optical & MW
Switching Core Networks- MSC/BSC/GMSC/MGW

IN/Adjuncts- STP,HLR, SMSC
Basic Telecom Course
Telecom Technologies
Telecom Networks - Planning, Operations, Fault management guidelines

Typical Telecom Processes at the Network Operator/Service Provider
NOC Operations – FCAPS

Mobile application Development
Mobile device Testing services
Business Related
Revenue Leakages
Optimization of Network Operational costs
Process Related
Network Related
Elynx Solutions
Indigenius Solutions
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