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- CS-core
- PS core
- BSS core
- RAN core
- VAS core, mnp/in/sms/ss7
- SS7 and STP
- Transmission
- Performance Management- BSS Core/ CS Core/ RNC Core
- RF Optimization- 2G/3G/LTE
- Revenue Assurance and Mediation Device
- Regression Testing for Core- Cs/PS/BSS/RNC/VAS
- Network Planning/Source Data/Data Fill
- Network Auditing
- SMS Auditing
- IN auditing
- RA/Mediation

Verticals Domains Incubation Center Case studies Partners
Network audits
Managed services
Performance management
Network planning & Optimization
Dash boards & Analytics
Wireless - GSM/CDMA - 2G/3G N/ws
Fixed line -DSL/Broadband/Internet
Data Networks – MPLS/Ethernet

RF Networks- Designing & Optimization
Access and Core networks
Transmission Networks- Optical & MW
Switching Core Networks- MSC/BSC/GMSC/MGW

IN/Adjuncts- STP,HLR, SMSC
Basic Telecom Course
Telecom Technologies
Telecom Networks - Planning, Operations, Fault management guidelines

Typical Telecom Processes at the Network Operator/Service Provider
NOC Operations – FCAPS

Mobile application Development
Mobile device Testing services
Business Related
Revenue Leakages
Optimization of Network Operational costs
Process Related
Network Related
Elynx Solutions
Indigenius Solutions
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